Heartful Coaching

Looking for clarity in this time of change? I can help.


As a Communication and Leadership Coach I can help you navigate change and complexity and develop greater clarity.

I provide a confidential space for you to explore what’s happening in your work and options for moving forward. 

Are you managing a team with less resources, trying to balance your people’s individual needs and changing work priorities? 

I can help you confirm your priorities amid an uncertain and changing environment. 

  • I provide a confidential sounding board to help you focus on one issue at a time, one day at a time. 

  • We will explore personality types and team dynamics and how to communicate with authenticity to build meaningful connections and trust.

  • You’ll gain greater confidence in your strengths and the strengths of your team. 

  • I bring nearly two decades of leadership experience across the logistics, utilities, health and medical research sectors, working through many changes including privatisation and changes in leadership.

Contact me to arrange a free 20 minute discovery session. 

Are you looking for your next role? I can help you identify your strengths and save time and energy in your job search. 

I will help you gain clarity on your competitive advantages, helping you to focus your job search on the types or roles and the sectors where you have a greater chance of success. 

  • We’ll explore your strengths, experience, skills and personal values, helping you to shape a compelling CV and covering letter. 

  • I will help you prepare for job interviews so that you can present with confidence and authenticity and get your key messages across. 

  • I have coached many CEOs, scientists, doctors and engineers on media and presentation skills and will help you boost your confidence and impact.

Contact me to arrange a free 20 minute discovery session.